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Your green coffee partner in Peru

"We source high-quality coffee from different regions in Peru. As exporter and importer, we keep full traceability and transparency in our work."

“We have established Cultivar Coffees in Peru to collaborate with small scale coffee growers. We do this because we believe in the potential of these families to produce excellent qualities.

And mostly because we are convinced that quality opens opportunities to equal partnerships in coffee. 

We see it as our personal mission to connect roasters and growers at an individual level, to facilitate an open dialogue that leads to both long-term business relations and friendships.”

Your trustworthy partner for Peruvian coffee

With Cultivar we create an environment in which transactions are transparent, profits are shared and collaborations are created with the core value of equity.

We identify regions with the favourable conditions and select small groups of ambitious coffee producers.

We accelerate the potential of these farmers and develop supply chains that are profitable from producer till roaster.

We create programs and events that help producers and roasters exchange knowledge, experiment and build long-term relationships.

Are you a roaster that wants to make direct-trade both practical and impactful?

We offer 100% transparent supply chain

We advise equitable price-setting

We facilitate grower-roaster collaborations.

Are you a producer that wants to accelerate his or her full potential?

We prepare you for specialty coffee production

We connect you to roasters and advise price-settings to ensure long-term profitability

We facilitate grower-roaster collaborations