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Do you have a question, a great idea, or just want to have a chat to get to know each other? Get in touch with us

Our aim is to support you and accelerate your potential as a small-scale grower and to facilitate long-term business relations between you and roasters.

We offer 100% transparency, advise in price-setting for a long-term profitable farm business and facilitate the collaboration between you and the roasters.

This is how we make that work:

We come for an introductory visit to meet you and the neighbours, family members and friends who’d be interested in working with us.

We listen to your ideas and visions for the long-term, and what kind of challenges you face, or foresee along the way. We will introduce to our approach.

We make an action and an investment plan together. Our quality program is there to organise workshops that accelerate your potential as a specialty coffee grower.

From early season onwards, we monitor coffee quality and  help you to select the right lots for the right markets.