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We want to help you make direct-trade both practical and impactful, so you can cultivate long-term business relations that are profitable from farm to roastery.

This is what we offer to make that work:

Identify regions

We identify regions with favourable conditions for specialty coffee production.

Select farmers

We facilitate the selection process of working with small groups and ambitious farmers.

Enhance quality

We offer growers a quality incubator program in which they accelerate their potential as specialty coffee growers.

Facilitate collaborations

We provide tailor-made support to you and growers to build relations and invest in long-term projects.


Monitor supply

From the early season onwards, we monitor coffee quality, help you in selecting the right lots, and coordinate logistics.

Deliver transparency

We offer 100% transparency, advise in price-settings to ensure growers’ long-term profitability.

Are you interested in making direct-trade both practical and impactful?

Or find out more about our quality program

Quality incubator program

Most of Peru’s coffee is produced by families with minimal access to technical assistance and without much financial incentives to invest in quality, which are the key bottlenecks for quality improvement that we tackle together with the producer families.

Our partner growers can count on our year-round support and advice. And our quality incubator program is built on our experiences in working with grower families over the past years. We have developed training modules that focus on improved harvest, post-harvest practices, and agribusiness skills. These modules form the basis of our knowledge-exchange sessions at farm level. And for agronomic advice, we team up with local agronomists.

In these sessions we do not only talk, but test ideas together and bring these to practice. We do trials on harvesting practices, selection of cherries, fermentation and drying, for example. But we also find it important to be cupping together, so that growers get a good feel for specialty market demands and rhetorics (and can influence both the demands and the rhetorics themselves in the future).

By the end of each harvest season, we create an origin event that facilitates dialogues between growers and roasters. It’s the way to exchange knowledge and ideas, and to try new things together.

Excellence in quality is central to all that we do, but we also want to create a platform for growers to sell bigger volumes of those really good coffees (85 scores) in such way that production costs, external costs are covered and a equitable profit is made. There is a dire need for good markets for these volumes and qualities.

If you want to jump onboard and contribute to our program, please get in touch with us. We cannot do this alone, knowledge, skills and quality can only develop if we work together as a team.